About Us

Best Bread Bakeries is a medium sized business and level 4 BBBEE contributor which has been owned by private investment company Jacobs Capital since 2015.The business has the capacity to produce 70 000 loaves of bread and 10 000 units of confectionery per day. We produce fresh products seven days a week and deliver loaves of bread, in both white and brown variants, as well as an assortment of confectionery items to a variety of customers in KwaZulu-Natal.

Our current client base includes retailers such as Boxer, Spar, Hypercheck and a variety of independent retailers in rural areas. We also supply to catering organisations that operate in prisons, state hospitals and corporate canteens, and support smaller entrepreneurs operating spaza shops in both suburban and rural areas.

We aim to provide quality products at affordable prices to the everyday consumer, whilst providing stable employment opportunities and maintaining a conscious effort to remain environmentally responsible in our operation wherever possible.